Electrical installations

We are Red Seal electricians in Halifax and are fully insured, qualified and experienced with both residential and commercial wiring methods. We are also qualified Communications Cabling installers in Nova Scotia. We strive for high quality installations no matter what the budget, because any job worth doing is worth doing right the first time and we warrantee our work.

Temporary power distribution

Temporary power in Halifax is one of our strong suits. We are experienced in event power and have worked on many concerts and live events in Nova Scotia. Kiss, Paul McCartney and various Multicultural events are all on our resume. Big or small we can power it all.

Event electrical services

Have an event that needs  more power? Not sure how to get it? We do! Why trust your house, building or performers to “electrical technicians” (Hint: There’s no such thing). Most event electrical services in Halifax  are provided by unqualified and un-insured technicians. It doesn’t have to be that way, we are here to provide those services in a safe and friendly manner.

Event lighting Design

We have many shows to our credit as a company , and many more to our credit as individuals. We do both large and small shows, festivals to small community theatres. 

Technical support 

Need lighting technical support? Call us! Mike Mader is the go-to-guy in Halifax for troubleshooting lighting controllers and stage lighting. Steve Meiklejohn can help you with installed architectural or commercial lighting. If it’s a power or control issue we can solve it. Please contact us between the hours of 10am to 10pm Mon-Sun. If it’s a show related issue, or a safety hazard, call us anytime

Venue services

Need lamps, gel, gaff tape or show lighting related parts and products? We have the largest stock of  theatrical lamps in Halifax, and we can rush order lamps if we don’t have the right one. We also stock parts and can repair any conventional lighting fixture or moving light. Need help finding the right products for your venue? Let us help you with that!

On-site service and repairs 

We can clean and repair your fixtures without them leaving your building. If you have a busy venue and can’t afford the down-time for regular maintenance, we can come to you. Cleaning lights not only have increased output, they also extend the life of your lamps decreasing the chances of a mid-show failure. Cleaning also provides an opportunity to inspect the fixtures for other defects that may go unnoticed and we can fix it before it becomes a problem.

call us for a free consultation during our regular hours of operation.



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